Valentine's Day Getaway Ideas

Valentine's Day falls on Sunday February 14, 2016. Key weekends for getaways will be February 12-13 for couples who celebrate early and February 19-20 for couples who give the gift on Valentine's day to arrive the following weekend. Most people have work schedules that interfere with celebrating the holiday as an overnight getaway that contains a Sunday. Plan accordingly to make romance coincide with the holiday. Roses and chocolates are traditional gifts, fancy restaurants will be packed, B&B rooms with 2 person Jacuzzi tubs will be in short supply.

Here is a list of desirable gifts for your lover on Valentine's Day:

  • Flowers - Red Roses are best
  • Chocolates - Truffles are uncommon
  • Dinner - Fine dining with steak or seafood
  • Movie - 1st run in theater or Netflix in private
  • Jewelry -  Heart shaped or marriage proposal
  • Poetry - Self written rhymes are appreciated
  • Massage - relax and remove stress
  • Attention - Spend time in private
  • Getaway - Bed and Breakfast

Many fancy restaurants are not open on Sundays. That means that a
romantic dinner will be celebrated before or after Valentine's Day this year. Spreading the celebration day over a couple of weeks means that the lines may not be as long, the restaurants will not be as crowded, and a perfect night out might be easier to obtain. Surprise your lover a day or week early or make the promise for a romantic getaway on the day to celebrate a few days or weeks later.

The Munro House in Jonesville can make all of the arrangements for a romantic getaway in a single, 10 minute phone call. They have become experts in helping to design a perfect weekend getaway or overnight stay. Just pick a date and choose a room, then decide on the extras to create a tailor-made overnight package. It could include roses, truffles, dinner, movie passes, and massages. You could add the personal touch with a gift of jewelry, poetry, or undistracted one-on-one time. Then arrive to your pre-arranged agenda for a getaway filled with romance.

Mike Venturini
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March Murder Mystery in Michigan

The next scheduled Murder Mystery Dinner Party at Munro House B&B in Jonesville MI is scheduled for Saturday, March 19, 2016. The game has been planned, and there is currently room for additional couples to join us for an evening of adult fun. Come as you are to play the game with other like-minded adults. We will dress you up for your role and teach you how the game is played. Then we will get you into the mood to solve the mystery while serving a 5 course meal. Appetizer, soup, salad, and entree will fill your appetite. We will solve the mystery over dessert. The dinner party lasts about 3 hours and is filled with laughter, deception, and problem solving skills.

One and two night packages are available. Come in on Friday night and have dinner at Olivia's Chop house as part of your package. The Murder Mystery begins at 6:30 on Saturday night. A big breakfast is served each morning. Those people who spend two nights can add on massages, go to the movies, or spend time shopping in Allen--Michigan's Antique Capital. Those people who can only stay one night need to be able to arrive by 5:00. That will allow you time to relax before sitting down to a fun filled dinner party and interacting with 4-6 couples while playing the game and solving the mystery.

All of our comfortable rooms have a queen size bed and a private bathroom, along with cable TV and free wireless internet. Most rooms also have a fireplace. Two rooms have big 2 person Jacuzzi tubs. Complimentary cookies, coffee, soft drinks, snacks, and candy are always available.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


Win a Michigan B&B Getaway

A getaway package to Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville Michigan will be the prize to the winner of our Super Bowl 50 contest. There are 8 teams left, so there are 8 potential prizes from one night bed and breakfast to a complete weekend getaway with dinners, massages, and movie passes. To enter: like, follow, comment, or share on our Facebook page.

Prizes have been assigned to each of the teams in contention to win Super Bowl 50:

  • Broncos - Win One Night Stand package for dinner and a movie plus 1 night bed and breakfast in a Standard Room.
  • Steelers - Win 1 night bed and breakfast in a Standard Room.
  • Patriots - Win 2 night Foodie Getaway for 2 dinners, 1 lunch, plus 2 nights bed and breakfast in a Standard Room.
  • Chiefs - Win 2 nights bed and breakfast in a Standard Room.
  • Panthers - Win 2 nights bed and breakfast in a Jacuzzi Room.
  • Seahawks - Win 2 night Foodie Getaway for 2 dinners, 1 lunch, plus 2 nights bed and breakfast in a Jacuzzi Room.
  • Cardinals -  Win 1 night bed and breakfast in a Jacuzzi Room.
  • Packers - Win a seasonal getaway with dinners, massages, movie passes, and 2 nights bed and breakfast in a Jacuzzi Room.
All teams have been assigned great prizes. My favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. If the Packers win the Super Bowl, that will be the highest value prize. That prize includes a 2 night stay in a Room with a 2 person Jacuzzi Tub plus dinner for 2 at Olivia's Chop House, dinner for 2 at Saucy Dog's Barbeque, 2 in-house one hour massages, and 2 tickets to your choice of big screen movies at Premiere Theater. Grand prize must be used in 2016 and cannot be redeemed for cash. Reservations are required on any available night(s) in 2016.

Good Luck. Go Pack Go!

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


Cabin Fever Murder Mystery on January 23, 2016

The first Murder Mystery Dinner Party of 2016 is scheduled for Saturday January 23. The holidays are over, the bills are paid, and it's time for a getaway to Southern Michigan. Join other guests for a night of deception, problem solving, and laughter when you become a character in the three act murder mystery dinner party. The game is easy, the roles are interesting, and the costumes are simple. We get couples together for an evening of interactive adult-themed fun.

Most guest arrive on Friday for a two night stay. The Murder Mystery Package includes dinner at Olivia's Chop House. It is an easy 2 block walk around the corner for the best food for 50 miles. Everything on their menu is special. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato SOUP is interesting and spectacular. The Capri salad is refreshing. Their calamari appetizer is tender, not chewy. I've been tempted to eat their prime rib with a spoon. Pork rib eye, roast duck, and pecan crusted salmon offer a difficult but pleasing variety of unique entree choices. Creme Brulee for dessert is light and refreshing. There are other choices, but these are my favorites.

Saturday is party night. Guests gather over beverages and appetizer while we relax and prepare for a night of fun. Our host loosens everyone up and tells some fun stories about what has happened in the past. Roles are assigned based on personality and hats are passed out to help identify each character. A little bit of background is provided for each participant and a 3 page script is assigned. Each page has 4 to 8 clues that you must get into conversation over dinner. Appetizer, soup, salad, and entree are served while guests play the game. The puzzle is solved over dessert.

A one night package is also available for people who can only get away on Saturday night. Guests must be able to check in by 5:00 for the one nighter.

Mike Venturini
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Advocating Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has been legal for medical use in Michigan for several years. There is a required process to legally obtain the controlled substance. It starts with an appointment with a doctor who specializes in the benefits of the drug. This consultation requires medical records that prove that there is a need for the medicinal marijuana. Not everyone who seeks the drug will get it. Because it is currently a federally regulated product, the doctor must be sure that the recipient is in need of marijuana for medicinal, not recreational use.

My wife, Lori, has a 4 inch stack of medical records that she brought to the Medical Marijuana Clinic in Jackson, MI, for her appointment. She was at her wit's end to find a solution to her medical problems that didn't require the use of even more addictive prescription drugs. Taking over 100 Vicodin a month is not a good way to live your life. The clinic's waiting room had patient demographics she had not expected. In her mid 50s, she was the youngest person in the room. The other patients had obvious problems with pain. Some limped, hunched over, used walkers, or had artificial limbs. Lori's problems are less obvious: tingling pain, migraine headaches, lack of energy, and insomnia were documented and reaffirmed. After a meeting that lasted over an hour, her medical marijuana card was issued.

A trip to the medical marijuana store set her up with intelligent workers who recommended the strains she would try. She didn't care for the stench created from smoking the weed, so she was directed to edibles. Her choice of edibles is in the form of butter and oil that can be used to make pot brownies. A quarter of a brownie has been sufficient to curb her pain or cure her insomnia. An eye dropper with a different strain gives her energy after just a few drops under her tongue.

Many people are fearful of the drug because of the rhetoric espoused in media by figureheads uneducated in the benefits of marijuana, just its recreational use. Advocacy of medical marijuana is a subject that we are happy to share over breakfast at Munro House. Real life needs with responsible use are topics we often discuss. Popping pharmaceutical drugs for long term relief and accepting the addictive properties, side effects, and chemical dependencies are choices many people make as a perceived "only choice". Medical marijuana has been accepted by many physicians and many states as a successfully proven alternative treatment to many ailments. Medical marijuana has been accepted by our household as a proper treatment for ailments that traditional medicines address, but without the side effects and addictions.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


New Years Eve and New Years Day Interactive Getaway

Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville, Michigan, is hosting its annual New Years Eve Murder Mystery Dinner on Thursday December 31 and a New Years Day Chef Night Cooking Party on Friday January 1. Both events require participation by our overnight guests. The best part is that you can have as much fun as you want, because you don't have to drive home. Choose one of several standard rooms or one of two rooms with the big 2 person Jacuzzi tubs. Each night includes breakfast the next morning.

On New Years Eve, the Murder Mystery Dinner will start around 7:00 and last about 3 hours. Guests will be chosen for various roles in an interactive Murder Mystery. A 5 course dinner will be served while you play the game. Appetizer, soup, salad, entree, and dessert, along with beverages are included in the dinner package. No need to dress up, as we will choose props and hats from our costume closet to prepare you for your role. Then have some adult themed fun while attempting to solve the mystery. A big breakfast will be served on New Years morning.

On New Years Day, the Chef Night cooking party will begin around 4:00. Each chef for the evening will be assigned a partner to prepare a portion of a feast for all to enjoy. Each pair of cooks will get two recipes. One will be fairly simple, the other will be more complicated. Team work and communication skills will be necessary to prepare your portions. The appetizers will be served as we continue to prepare the feast. As your recipes are completed, there will be more time for commiserating and relaxing while eating a variety of delectable selections until we sit down for diner. Each pair of chefs will describe their dishes while serving their creations. Clean up is left to the Munro House staff. A big breakfast will be served on Saturday morning.

The two night package is the best deal, because effective January 1, our 1999 pricing takes effect for anyone staying 2 nights. You may have to pay full price on New Years Eve, but New Years Day will have special pricing as low as $99. You can add on Saturday night at $99, too. This will allow you to check out the best restaurant in the area. Olivia's Chop House is located just 2 blocks away and is the best restaurant for 50 miles.

Book your New Years celebration online, or call us directly to make arrangements. 1-800-320-3792.

Mike Venturini
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New Years Day Special 2016

Special pricing starts on New Years Day and lasts for 2 weeks at Munro House B&B in Jonesville, MI.  Mike & Lori became innkeepers in '99 and are offering throwback pricing to '99 with standard rooms for just $99 per night when you stay 2 nights between January 1-15. Jacuzzi rooms are just $149 on a two night stay. That's a great deal for Bed and Breakfast, and is our best lodging deal of the year.

A weeknight or weekend stay at a significantly reduced price is a great way to start the new year. A great deal on lodging allows more cash for a nicer meal, a couple of massages, or extra movie passes. Olivia's Chop House is an easy 2 block walk away and offers great pricing on steaks, poultry, pork, and seafood. Massages can be ordered in-house for therapeutic treatments following sometimes stressful holidays. Lots of good movies should still be in the theaters along with possible new Academy Award nominees. I've seen Star Wars and am looking forward to seeing The Revenant, Point Blank, and The H8ful Eight.

A winter getaway can be had less than 100 miles from Detroit, Toledo, Fort Wayne, Kalamazoo, and Lansing. There is no need to risk the weather and travel great distances when the price is right in Jonesville from January 1-15. Getaway to South Central Michigan for your first getaway of 2016 and add a package that includes dinners, massages, and movie passes.

Mike Venturini
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Help With Choosing a Health Insurance Policy

My wife is somewhat of an expert at finding affordable health care policies through the government website. People living in Michigan have a lot of choices when it comes to health insurance. Lori will take the time to walk you through the process to figure out what kind of policy you need, what kind of coverage could fit your lifestyle, and what kind of subsidy you may claim. Just book a room at Munro House B&B in Jonesville on any Monday through Friday night in November or December, and she will help you navigate the healthcare website to choose a plan that could work for you and your family. Then, you can take the policy number to your local insurance agent and have them confirm that it is good for you and have them write the policy to get you insured with an affordable policy.

Many people have no experience with affordable health care, but have a huge opinion about it. Unless you are enrolled in the program, you have no first-hand experience with a real policy and how it works. Truthfully, it has made significant changes to the way insurance companies treat their policy holders, and has made health care affordable for millions of people who have taken the time to see how it can work for them. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, is not an insurance policy. It is a law that lists guidelines that insurance companies must follow in order to provide Americans with comprehensive insurance policies without restrictions. It allows policy holders to choose the amount of coverage they want at a price they can afford.

Most Americans get their health insurance through work. Their employer chooses the insurance plans that will be offered. The ACA affects their insurance, too, but the policies we will be talking about are the ones available to individuals who are self-employed or do not get insurance through their employer. The changes that are the most valuable include:

  1. You can no longer be denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition.
  2. You can no longer have your insurance cancelled because you get very, very sick.
  3. You can no longer be denied insurance for any reason.
  4. You no longer have an annual maximum benefit payout.
  5. You no longer have a lifetime maximum benefit payout.
  6. You can choose a policy that pays for annual preventive care.
  7. You can choose how much you will pay out of your own pocket before insurance takes over.
  8. You can choose the most you will pay out of your own pocket in a year for hospital bills.
  9. You can choose the best policy that will work for you under your circumstances.
  10. You can have your monthly payment reduced based on your income.
  11. Your kids can be on your plan until they are 26 years old.

We have experience with how horrible health insurance used to be and have first-hand experience with how these changes directly affect us in a positive way. The ACA questionnaire is short and simple. They need to know your name, age, gender, and if you are a smoker. This information is necessary for every family member to be insured under one policy. Additionally, they need to know your Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI). Your MAGI is what you actually earn after adjusting for allowed deductions on your annual tax return.

The best thing about the subsidies is that they are based on your income only. It doesn't matter how big your house is or what kind of car you drive. The only thing that matters is your MAGI. That is figured out on your annual tax return. It is important that this number is predictable and accurate. If you miss the estimate of your MAGI, you could get a refund, or you could owe money when you file your annual income tax return. It is recommended to estimate the most you could earn, so you don't owe anything extra at tax time, and might actually get a refund. Every American should take every tax deductions that they can. These subsidies are actually allowable tax deductions that people of mid to low income are able to claim.

Lori has nothing to gain by helping you find affordable health care. She enjoys educating people to understand what kinds of insurance are available in Michigan. Misinformation and political rhetoric has scared too many people into making bad decisions or no decision with regard to their health care. Visit us on a weeknight in November or December to learn more about how to choose an ACA health insurance policy. To select a new policy that takes effect January 1, you must sign up by December 15.

Mike Venturini
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