4th of July Special Pricing Deal in Michigan

White Greek Revival home with American flagFor many travel related businesses, holiday weekends, like the 4th of July, offer the highest prices of the year. In Jonesville, Independence Day coincides with our anniversary as being owners and innkeepers of the Munro House B&B. This will be our house for 17 years on July 1. For the first 15 days in July, we offer 1999 pricing for guests who stay with us 2 nights or more. We are inviting visitors to join in our celebration by offering special pricing that is the best deal of the year. Standard rooms are priced as low as $99, while rooms with big Jacuzzi tubs are priced as low as $149.

Crowd watching paradeOur largest local festivity occurs in Hillsdale on Sunday, the 3rd of July. A Great American Parade through Hillsdale commences at 5:00 on Independence Day eve. Marching bands, firetrucks, individuals, businesses, and veterans march through town for this much anticipated event located just 10 minutes from Jonesville. Immediately following the procession, is an event at the Hillsdale County Fairgrounds called the All-American Celebration and Fireworks. Free live entertainment plus kiddie rides are available at no cost. Carnival food vendors will be on hand to sell their goodies. The pyrotechnics display proceeds at dusk.

crowd gathering at dusk for fireworks in parkThe local festivities continue all day long on the 4th of July about 20 minutes away in Hanover. A fun run, basketball tournament, baseball tournament, car show, museum tour, talent show, fireworks, and more are scheduled for a full day of outdoor fun.

golden beer with an orange slice accompanies steak rice and green beansFollowing the holiday is business as usual throughout the area. Great food at reasonable prices is available within a few minutes of the Munro House. Casual, ethnic, and fine dining along with comfort food, sushi, and ice cream are offered at several locations. Jonesville was recently listed as being one of the best small towns in America for food.

The pricing is right for an affordable Summer getaway to Southern Michigan in July.

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Michigan Summer Getaway Package

Green sign on lamp post surrounded by shrubbery in front of white businessA relaxing summer getaway package is available without going all the way to the lake or the bridge. Sometimes there just isn't time to go to those far away places. That is when Jonesville can appear on your radar as a viable option to enjoy a quality getaway. The whole idea of a getaway is to get away from the hustle of work and everyday life. Going from one crowded place to another can be avoided by breaking away to the ideal getaway place that is in Jonesville. Picture this: 5 cars at a stoplight is our version of a traffic jam. Great small town restaurants is part of what made Jonesville famous. Highly complimented massage therapists is another ideal ingredient to a romantic weekend getaway. Movie passes to a great newly released flick with little fear of it being sold out helps couple enjoy an old fashioned date. What would a couples' getaway be without ice cream? Add in two nights bed and breakfast to create a Summer getaway that includes a great itinerary.

White couple in seafood restaurant, woman in green shirt, man in striped Michigan Logo shirtTwo of the best restaurants around are located just 2 blocks from the Munro House in Jonesville. It is great to be able to walk to dinner, and it happens to be romantic, too. Saucy Dog is a great BBQ restaurant just two blocks away. Ribs, pulled chicken, pulled pork, and beef brisket, plus sandwiches are on the menu. Right across the street is Olivia's Chop House. They offer steaks and seafood, but also have interesting entrees including prime rib, roast duck, and a pork rib eye. Appetizers, soups, salads, and desserts are also pleasant surprises in this small town.

White couple eating ice cream on a stick one cherry and one chocolate
Just 3 blocks away is the perennial people's choice for ice cream in Hillsdale County--The Udder Side. They used to be known as Jonesville Dairy Treats. Their previous location was land-locked and had no room for a drive-up window. So, they waited until a building burned down on "da udder side of the street". They built a new facility, got their drive-up window, and continued selling frozen dairy treats right next to McDonald's. On a stick, in a cone, or in a bowl, the Udder Side has developed original creations that include hard pack and soft serve ice cream along with cold drinks, shakes, and fast food.

Fried egg over easy, German pancake, bacon on vintage stone wearHalf of B&B is the breakfast. A big hot meal is offered each morning with choices that could include waffles, pancakes, or French toast along with oatmeal and lots of goodies, plus eggs done several different ways. Everything comes with coffee, fruit, juice, and an option for bacon. Nobody has to leave the table until they are full. No one has to leave Jonesville hungry. With so many good choices for food, everything else is a bonus.

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Lodging near MIS - Michigan International Speedway

MIS, race track, track
NASCAR racing is coming back to Michigan International Speedway (MIS) in Brooklyn for the weekend of June 10-12. MIS is NASCAR's fastest modern track, recording speeds of over 200 miles per hour. Fans who want to see the fastest cars and want to stay for the weekend in a comfortable air conditioned room may look to the Munro House in Jonesville for lodging about a half hour from the track. When comfort, location, restaurants, and privacy are on your list of requirements, the Munro House may be your best bet.

camper, trailer, camping, race weekendFans are notorious for camping on, or near, the MIS grounds. When tens of thousands of people descend upon South Central Michigan for one of two annual NASCAR races, there just aren't enough permanent lodging facilities in the area to handle them all. Nearby hotels, motels, B&Bs, and Inns can accommodate hundreds of guests for the races, but thousands of guests come in for a day, or camp out for the entire weekend. Tents, campers, and RVs are the choice of a majority of race fans at MIS. With normal temperatures in the 80s, many fans would rather escape the hot, dusty, and crowded campgrounds for a more comfortable experience.

Mike Venturini, M&Ms, cutout, selfie, photo op, Wal-martMike & Lori run the Munro House and welcome guests to their slice of comfort in the oldest house in the county. Despite its age, Munro House has large quiet bedrooms with private baths. All rooms a shower, a queen size bed, cable TV, quiet-comfortable air conditioning, and free wireless internet. A big breakfast is offered every day, even though many guests prefer something 'to go' or have passes to MIS hospitality tents that include brunch and entertainment. During the week preceding the race, our local retail outlets typically have race cars on display, along with hospitality people and photo op cutouts of your favorite drivers.

race track, fans, grandstands, MIS, Michigan International SpeedwayWith a majority of fans already at the campgrounds onsite at MIS, traffic to and from the track has become reasonable. The police and track officials have fine-tuned getting back and forth to the track into a very manageable time frame. With no traffic, the drive from Jonesville is about 35 minutes. Before the logistics were figured out, the same drive could take 3 hours on race day. Now, most of our guests have reported that getting to and from the track is about an hour or less. It is great to know that a clean and comfortable bed in a quiet air conditioned room is just a short drive away.

cutout, NASCAR, Mike Venturini, MIS Additionally, Jonesville was recently recognized as being one of the best small towns in America for food. Olivia's Chop House and Saucy Dog's Barbeque are two great places to enjoy great food. Both are just 2 blocks from Munro House. You could eat burgers and junk food at the track all weekend long, but if you are looking for a quality meal at a fair price on race weekend, Jonesville has the best to offer in the area.

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Memorial Day Weekend Special

It can be very difficult to find a lodging sale on Memorial Day weekend, unless you are heading to South Central Michigan. Special pricing for this holiday weekend makes the Munro House B&B in downtown Jonesville an excellent choice for a getaway on the last weekend of Spring, or the first weekend of Summer. Rooms are discounted up to $50 per night when you stay 2 nights. While many properties are jacking up their prices for the season, at least one bed and breakfast is offering a deal.

Innkeeper, Mike Venturini says that you don't have to go to the lake or the bridge to have a good time in Michigan. The main reason for that is because a lot of people are going to the lake and the bridge over Memorial Day weekend. If you want to get away, those are the kinds of places to avoid. You are just going from one hectic place to another. That is a fine place to go with your kids, but adults who need a real getaway can get it at the Munro House in Jonesville. We offer quality lodging, a slower pace, and excellent food, along with peace and quiet.

Food is a great reason to find a great place to go. Jonesville was recently recognized as one of the best small towns in America for food. Olivia's Chop House is known for fine dining, Saucy Dog is mentioned for barbeque, and The Udder Side is the place to go to for ice cream. All three of these places are located just a short walk from the Munro House. Additionally, Rosalie's Road House, the Hunt Club, and Johnny T's Bistro are a short drive away. A foodie package is available to enjoy the best we have to offer. #michbnb #mibnb #puremichigan

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Michigan Spring Getaway Ideas

innkeeper selfie with man in gray tigers shirt kissed by womanCouples are always looking for a reason to get away. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are typical reasons. But are they the only reasons to take off for a few days in the middle of the week or for an entire weekend? Springtime is a very good reason to take a few days to relax and recharge. Winter is finally behind us. Several nice weekends have allowed many of us to clean up our yards. It may have been several months since we spent any time away from home. It is time for a break. We owe ourselves a reward. How about a Spring Break in Southern Michigan?

woman in black and man in blue enjoying pork rib eye with fuji apples and mashed potatoesMunro House facilitates a lot of romantic getaways to a small town in Southern Michigan that many Michiganders have never heard of. Jonesville is a city of 2,400--and it's a happening place. Recently, Jonesville made a list of great small towns in America for food. Olivia's Chop House, Saucy Dog' BBQ, and The Udder Side were on the list of great places to eat in a great small town in the United States. Casual meals, fine dining, and ice cream are all part of the foodie experience here. I can't imagine better pulled pork sandwiches, I have never seen a pork rib eye on a menu, and who doesn't like ice cream?

masseuse performing massage on bareback woman in green roomPeople who are hard to buy gifts for are difficult, because they already have a lot of stuff. But something people purchase over and over again is a massage. Here in this small town, we do things a little different. Example: a one hour massage at most spas include 5 minutes of consultation, plus 5 minutes to dress/undress, plus 5 minutes to change the sheets. That leaves just 45 minutes of actual massage time. At the Munro House, an hour massage means one hour on the table. People with problem areas typically get more than 60 minutes on the table at the one hour price.

dark theater with man in blue shirt enjoying a large bag of popcornWho doesn't love going to the movies? Yeah, we have HBO, Netflix, and a Blue Ray player, but there is something special about going to the movie theater and seeing a new released film on the big screen. We typically share a large pop and a big bag of popcorn, plus Twizzlers. Back when we had kids, it was always a Disney movie or something from Pixar. A true getaway can be the time to enjoy an action movie, a sexy movie, or an intense drama without the kids for a change. Our local Premiere Theater has 7 screens and generally has all of the newly released films during their first run.

Fresh fruit bowl with red raspberries blueberries pineapple green kiwiYou can come here and make all of the arrangements on your own, or we can set it all up for you. We've got the bed and breakfast covered. You get a uniquely decorated master bedroom and a big hot made-to-order breakfast each morning, along with conversation from your hosts. Romantic getaway packages could include dinners, lunch, movie tickets, theater tickets, roses, chocolates, massages, and more. We can put a package together in a 5-7 minute phone call that can make you look like the plan had taken a lot of thought over several weeks. There is a reason why people say that Munro House is the best place to stay in Southern Michigan. We are happy do our part to make your getaway perfect.

Mike Venturini

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


April Rollback Pricing

millennials couple glasses mister mikeA Spring Break getaway doesn't have to involve going to Florida. Many people in Michigan prefer to stay in Michigan not only for the cost savings, but also because of time savings. Many people from Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio also choose to getaway to Michigan. An enticement to choose Jonesville Michigan is special pricing for the first 15 days of April. Effective April 1, all rooms are discounted up to $50 per night when you stay 2 nights before April 15. The popular rooms go quickly, so plan your getaway soon.

eggs over easy waffle toast omelet vintage china
All packages are also available. Pick romance that could include flowers, chocolates, massage, and dinners. Choose a seasonal package with movie tickets, dinners, and massage. Consider foodies with all meals--breakfast, lunch, and dinner--included. The first weekend in April could have movie and theater passes along with dinners. Any package can be added to a two night bed and breakfast stay. Weekends are most popular for getaway packages, but weekdays can be fun for couples with flexible schedules or non traditional work weeks.

capri salad with balsamic vinegar linesGreat restaurants in Jonesville include Saucy Dog's Barbeque for casual dining, Olivia's Chop House for fine dining, and the Udder Side for ice cream and more. These three places are an easy walk from the Munro House and were recently named as the restaurants that have made Jonesville one of the top small towns in America for food.

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2016 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Contest

Like, follow, share, or comment on the March Madness posting on the Munro House Bed and Breakfast Facebook Page to enter for a chance to win a one night or a two night getaway. Three Big 10 teams made it to the Sweet Sixteen of the tournament. If one of these Big 10 teams wins the tournament and becomes the national champions, the prize will be two nights bed and breakfast in any available room during 2016. If any other team wins the tournament and becomes national champions, the prize will be one night bed and breakfast in any available room during 2016. A gift certificate for the prize will be awarded within 48 hours of the crowning of a national champion.

The Big 10 teams in the Sweet Sixteen are #5 Maryland, #5 Indiana, and #7 Wisconsin. If any of these teams wins, the prize is two night B&B at Munro House. If any other team wins, the prize is one night B&B at Munro House. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. Contest open to adults 18 and over. Prize must be used during 2016 in any available room on any available night and cannot be redeemed for cash.

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Easter Weekend Special Pricing

Graffiti small kitchen many chefs with red aprons cookingThere are 2 reasons to come to Jonesville on Easter weekend. 1) you have family plans in Jonesville/Hillsdale area for Easter. 2) you have no family plans for Easter, so why not come to Jonesville/Hillsdale area for a getaway? The room pricing at Munro House are reduced $30-$40 per night when you stay 2 nights March 25-27. Getaway packages that could include dinners, movies, and massages are always available. Save up to $80 on your room when you come to Jonesville for 2 nights over Easter weekend.

Michigan fan and his wife enjoy Pork Rib Eye with Fuji ApplesGreat small town restaurants are open Friday and Saturday nights. Olivia's Chop House and Saucy Dog's Barbeque have put Jonesville on the map for exceptional meals at reasonable prices. Fine dining experiences include choices of prime rib, steaks, salmon, and seafood. Casual dining includes ribs, pulled pork, and beef brisket. Olivia's will be open for Easter Brunch. This is a rare time when reservations are required.

Yellow tulips budding at B&B signEaster falls early this year. Our flower gardens are sprouting, but there have yet to be buds. Perennials are creeping up from the dirt while trees and shrubs are waiting for the right time to flower and turn green. The temperatures are low but mild. We are expecting overnight freezing temperatures, but daytime highs in the 40s and 50s.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"