Faster Horses Country Music Festival 2015

The Faster Horses Music Festival is back at the Michigan International Speedway (MIS) grounds near Brooklyn Michigan. Now in its 3rd year, the outdoor country music event is gaining in popularity for a long weekend getaway to enjoy the finest musical talent from Nashville and across the country. Many of the fans will be camping on the grounds, but some will be seeking alternate lodging elsewhere. The Munro House B&B in Jonesville is about a half hour away from MIS on highway 12 and offers a quiet location, plus a comfortable bed in a spacious room with free wi-fi along with a big hot breakfast.

Main stage headliners include Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, and Florida Georgia Line. Additional popular artists include Lonestar, Dwight Yoakam, and Mark Chesnutt. A full weekend of live music begins on Friday July 17 at 1:55 PM. Daily shows with alternating performers continue until around midnight. A 3 day pass is required as there are no tickets sold for single day performances. One entry fee allows fans to enjoy access to 3 days and nights of live music and other activities.

Food and beverages will be available on the MIS grounds along with samples, trinkets, and souvenirs. Fans will be able to cool off this year by using the water slide that is being set up in the parking lot.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


Summer Getaway Specials

July promotions are connected with our anniversary as owners of this Michigan Bed and Breakfast. Rolling back room prices to 1999 rates have been a tradition for several years now. For 15 days in July, we celebrate by giving guest special pricing on lodging. To commemorate our arrival in '99, we are offering standard rooms for just $99 per night. The catch is that you have to stay for 2 nights, or regular rates apply. Jacuzzi rooms are just $149 under the same rules. The promotion starts on July 1 and ends on July 15.
Book it through our website to guarantee the rate.

These prices are even in effect for Independence Day on the 4th of July. While many people go to Lake Michigan, Mackinac Island, or Frankenmuth for a Summer getaway, others will choose to avoid the traffic and the crowds to getaway to a great place like Jonesville, Michigan. A great distraction is antique shopping. It happens that Allen Michigan is just 5 miles away. Allen is the "antique capital of Michigan" and boasts hundreds of dealers. Most of these antique dealers have their goods on display in booths at one of several antique malls just outside of Allen. The antique malls are open every day.

With savings of over $100 on rooms. there just might be some extra cash in the budget for an add on package. Packages can include chocolates and flowers, or dinners and massages, or more. Create your own package, or choose the Summer Getaway package that includes 2 dinners, 2 one hour massages, 2 movie passes, and ice cream. The New Romantic Getaway package include roses, chocolates, dinners, and massages. We pick the best places, and send you out for a good time.

One phone call and a 10 minute conversation can set up a great getaway that looks like you put a lot of effort into the planning. In reality, we have chosen excellent suppliers of service that consistently exceed our guests' expectations. The bonus is that Jonesville is probably closer to where you live than many other Michigan destinations. Great accommodations without the crowds is the ultimate getaway in South Central Michigan between Coldwater and Jackson.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


April Appetite Getaway Package

A spring break getaway package for Foodies is available in Michigan for the first 15 days of April. All meals at great restaurants in Hillsdale County are part of this 2 night package that includes bed and breakfast. We know how much people like to try new restaurants. It is hit or miss in a new place without the recommendation of the locals. In Jonesville, Munro House is the authority on the best places to eat. Most of the eateries are a short walk from their downtown location, One is a short drive that is worth 10 minutes travel time.

Olivia's Chop House offers fine dining in a casual atmosphere. It is located just two blocks away, and is an easy walk to dinner. With no dress code, it's a come as you are kind of place. They feature steaks and seafood, but also offer a pork shank, roast duck, and a nightly special as a main course. Who ever heard of a bacon, lettuce, and tomato soup? It's on the menu, and it's spectacular. I think they have the best calamari on the planet. Almost everybody I say this to comes back and says I was right. It is tender, not chewy and I know the secret ingredient! Creme Brulee is a very nice dessert, but if it's a special occasion, you might want to order a flaming dessert that they will prepare, table side, at Olivia's.

Johnny T's Bistro is a 10 minute drive to the South East side of Hillsdale for another great meal in a casual decor. Johnny T's is the #1 place to go in Hillsdale for a fine dining experience. An excellent variety of steak and seafood is on the menu along with the best French Onion Soup, anywhere. Many of their entrees have a Cajun flair, so interesting flavors are available at Johnny T's.

Saucy Dog is my favorite restaurant in the whole world. It's just barbeque, but it is done well. The meats are smoked for half a day, or more, and are served dry with a variety of sauces on the side. Ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, and sandwiches dominate the menu, but I'm there for the brisket. They make it as a sandwich, a wrap, deep fried, and plain. I like it every way. The prices are reasonable. The food and staff are exceptional. It is located just 2 blocks from my house.

The Udder Side is an ice cream place just 3 blocks away on highway 12. They serve burgers and fries, but most everybody goes there for hard pack or soft serve ice creams and the many concoctions they have invented. The short walk to and from The Udder Side is a good thing when going for ice cream. The things they make are very filling. Incorporating them with a walk is the best way to justify the treat.

I am "the man" at breakfast time in the kitchen. Everything is made-to-order with several choices every day. Eggs and oatmeal are always on the menu. Eggs can be fried, scrambled, or omelet--occasionally, I offer Eggs Benedict. Oatmeal can have lots of goodies inside. An additional alternating menu item might include Belgian Waffles, French Toast, or German Pancakes. The main item is prepped ahead of time, while eggs and oatmeal can be created on-the-fly.  Being a short order cook is a good thing when several people come to the table with different tastes. There is always coffee, fruit, and juice to get people started. This is followed by a big breakfast with good conversation, because at Munro House, nobody sits alone.

The Foodie Retreat incorporates all of these places. A typical agenda looks like this:

  • Check in at Munro House
  • Dinner at Olivia's Chop House
  • Sleep over at Munro House
  • Breakfast at Munro House
  • Lunch at Saucy Dog
  • Ice Cream at the Udder Side
  • Dinner at Johnny T's Bistro
  • Sleep over at Munro House
  • Breakfast at Munro House
  • Check out
The Foodie Retreat is available at Munro House for Monday-Friday check-ins. Some of the restaurants are not open on Sunday, so it can not be offered 7 days a week. The best pricing on this 2 day getaway is available during the first 15 days of January, April, and July.

Mike Venturini

"Life is good in Jonesville"


March Madness Tournament Free Room Giveaway Contest

Like, Share, or Comment on the March Madness Posting on Munro House Bed and Breakfast Facebook Page for a chance to Win a 1 or 2 night getaway. Several Big 10 Teams are playing for the Men's National Championship of College Basketball. Should the National Championship be won by a Big 10 Team, Munro House will give away a gift certificate for a TWO night stay in any available room on any available date in 2015. Should any other team win the National Championship, Munro House will give away a gift certificate for a ONE night stay in any available room on any available night in 2015.
The Big 10 teams participating this year are: #1 Wisconsin, #4 Maryland, #7 Michigan State, #7 Iowa, #9 Purdue, #10 Ohio State, #10 Indiana. A winner will be chosen from all Facebook entries within 48 hours of the final game. Please Like, Share, or Comment to enter.
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B&B Bathroom Makeover

The timing was right for a bathroom makeover. It was a slow time of year and there was money in the bank. Time and money are the two things most necessary to accomplish a remodel of the bathroom. January is generally pretty slow and last year was a good year, so things were lined up. The objective was to make the bathroom more functional, comfortable, and warm. The room had an ample size sink a regular toilet and a small tub with a shower head. The plan was to change the flow from sink-tub-toilet to sink-toilet shower. To accomplish this, it was necessary to remove the tub and insert a walk-in shower. Another objective was to increase the size of the sink and vanity to allow counter space for guest's toiletries. Finally, moving the toilet to a more functional location required professional services. Unfortunately a lot of labor is involved to complete a project in what is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. To accomplish everything in the most practical and economical manners, we decided to become our own contractors. We hired the Amish to do the tear out, our plumber to move the pipes, and our electrician to improve the wiring.

The walls and floor were easy to dismantle and remove. Once the pipes were exposed, measurements of the incoming vanity, toilet, and shower unit were taken to move the pipes to the correct location. The electrician planned for the placement of electrical outlets and instructed the laborers in what was necessary to prepare for the heated floors we intended to install. The three crews coordinated their timing to be available when necessary to do the job efficiently. We maintained a storage closet and the ceiling entrance to our Underground Railroad secret room while enlarging the room to a comfortable use of the available space. More light, a better ceiling fan, and sufficient power outlets were also accomplished. Unfortunately, the toilet location moved directly in line with a full size window. To maintain privacy, a stained glass film was adhered to the window. The film was not as wide as the window, so we used black latex paint to frame the film to make it look like part of the stained glass. Its opaque color allows natural light to come in, but allows for privacy of the person using the stool.

The room is about 6' X 20'. It is amazing how long the project actually took. Each individual portion went rather quickly. However, the next step couldn't be made until the previous one was finished entirely. A missing piece that needed to be ordered put the schedule back a day or two. A broken vanity, that was not discovered until it was removed from the box, put another delay in the project. Then, work had to be rescheduled, while respecting their other clients who had schedules and deadlines to meet, too. Finally, all of the components were installed, and all that was left to do was to paint. A fair amount of money can be saved by painting yourself. It took about 5 weeks to remodel the smallest room in the house. It seems like it should be such a simple task. However, when their is labor, water, and electricity involved, there is no such thing as a simple task. When experts are required to keep everything safe and up to code, there is a significant cost associated with that. Being your own contractor can save thousands of dollars.

We have a complete remodel of Julia's bathroom. The look is modern, the concept is open, and the floors are warm. It has been a long time coming, but the work is done and we are looking forward to our guests enjoying the improvements.

Mike Venturini
Munro House Bed and Breakfast


2015 Murder Mystery Dinner

We have hosted a lot of Murder Mystery dinners at the Munro House. Our first dinner party was in 2000, and we have done hundreds of them since. It is a fun evening with my wife, Lori, as the hostess. She is the one who loosens everybody up, gets them into a playful mood, explains how the game is played, and chooses the best game for the people in the house on that night. I am on kitchen duty. Lori selects the menu and organizes the meal while we prepare it together.

We need 8 people to play. If you have 8 people who are interested in participating in a Murder Mystery, we will do it for you on any available date. The table seats 12 comfortably, so 8-12 guests are the numbers that work the best for us. If you have just 2 couples that are interested in participating in a Murder Mystery, you can get a new Murder Mystery started. We will promote the date and fill the table for you, as long as we have at least 6 weeks notice to market the event. We have always been fortunate to have enough people to play the game. Once the event is set, we have never had to cancel due to lack of interest.

The evening begins with appetizers and wine. Introductions are made, stories are told, and the mood is set for a fun and interactive night of who-done-it. The murder scene is described and the characters are assigned. Everyone gets a funky hat and a script to assist their portion of the mystery. Even the guilty party does not know they did it, so nothing they say will "let's the cat out of the bag". Soup, salad, and entree are served while the game is played. Ad-libbing is encouraged in this social event. The mystery is solved over dessert. One-by-one, everyone gets a chance to point a finger at who they think is guilty and why they may be the killer. The finger may even be pointed at themselves. Then, one-by-one we tell you who didn't do it and why they couldn't have done it.

Finally, the killer is identified and it becomes pretty clear who did it. If you have been paying attention, remember the subtle clues, and put all of the pieces together, you may be able to identify the killer. If not, it sure is fun to try to solve the mystery over a 5 course meal. There is a one night Package for $119 plus the cost of your room, and a two night package for $169 plus the cost of your room. On the 2 night package, get dinner for two at Olivia's Chop House as part of your package. The one night stay requires you to arrive at normal check in time--3:00, but no later than 5:00.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


Spring Getaway Packages

You don't have to go to Florida to enjoy a Spring Break when a getaway can be very enjoyable right
here in Michigan. With no need for airfare or a rental car, a local trip could be the perfect choice for people who are limited to a few days or a weekend vacation, but still want to go somewhere special. Jonesville is the masterpiece of Michigan with fine dining, quality services, and comfortable lodging
available with package prices.

The Munro House was considered the gem of Jonesville by its original owner who built what is now the oldest house in Hillsdale County. Royalty from Europe enjoyed the hospitality of this thriving community in the 1800s. Travelers from 70 foreign countries have made Munro House their headquarters for travel to Southern Michigan in the 21st century. This popular bed and breakfast has welcomed guests from across the country and around the world.

Some people come here to explore shops and eateries. Others come to relax and enjoy romance. Excellent restaurants are an easy walk from Munro House. Saucy Dog serves barbeque and is this innkeepers favorite restaurant in the whole world. Olivia's Chop House is fine dining offering steaks, seafood, and more. Premiere Theater offers new release movies on 7 screens. Top notch masseuses offer their services in house. A package can be put together to schedule any, or all of this in a single phone call.

The Spring Break getaway provides dinners, massages, and movie tickets. The March Madness package offers flowers, dinners, and movie passes. The New Romantic Getaway Package adds roses, chocolates, dinners, and massages. Any of these packages can be added to your lodging request for a quality agenda that leaves all of the legwork to us and all of the relaxing to you.

Call today, or book online. Your Spring Break in Michigan is waiting at the Munro House in Jonesville.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


List of Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

Occasionally, Valentine's Day falls on a weekend. February 14 is on a Saturday this year, making Saturday February 14 the most desirable day in 2015 for a romantic getaway. Predictions are that roses will be in even higher demand, chocolates will be a traditional gift, rooms with a 2 person Jacuzzi tub will be in short supply, and virtually every restaurant will be packed, So... what should the list of desirable romantic Valentine's Day items contain?

Flowers -  Roses
Chocolates - Truffles
Poetry - From Your Heart
Dinner - Fine Dining
Attention - Privacy
Movie - Theater
Massage - Spa
Getaway - Bed and Breakfast

Whether Valentine's Day falls on a weekend or a
weekday, our busy schedules do not always let us celebrate on the actual event day--that could be a good thing. On other nights in February, the lines may not be as long and the pressure for a relaxing, hassle-free, perfect night out may be exponentially reduced. Make the romantic getaway on the night of your choice, but think about the crowds on Valentine's Day and consider an alternate night to surprise your lover before the actual holiday, or after the fact.

The Munro House in Jonesville can make all of the arrangements for a great romantic getaway in a single phone call. Pick your dates, choose your room, then have your package tailor-made. Flowers, chocolates, dinner, movie tickets, and massages (or any combination of these items) can be arranged in a short conversation. We can help with the poetry, but a simple personal poem to your lover is priceless. Then arrive to a pre-arranged agenda for a getaway filled with romance.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"