Spring Getaway Packages

You don't have to go to Florida to enjoy a Spring Break when a getaway can be very enjoyable right
here in Michigan. With no need for airfare or a rental car, a local trip could be the perfect choice for people who are limited to a few days or a weekend vacation, but still want to go somewhere special. Jonesville is the masterpiece of Michigan with fine dining, quality services, and comfortable lodging
available with package prices.

The Munro House was considered the gem of Jonesville by its original owner who built what is now the oldest house in Hillsdale County. Royalty from Europe enjoyed the hospitality of this thriving community in the 1800s. Travelers from 70 foreign countries have made Munro House their headquarters for travel to Southern Michigan in the 21st century. This popular bed and breakfast has welcomed guests from across the country and around the world.

Some people come here to explore shops and eateries. Others come to relax and enjoy romance. Excellent restaurants are an easy walk from Munro House. Saucy Dog serves barbeque and is this innkeepers favorite restaurant in the whole world. Olivia's Chop House is fine dining offering steaks, seafood, and more. Premiere Theater offers new release movies on 7 screens. Top notch masseuses offer their services in house. A package can be put together to schedule any, or all of this in a single phone call.

The Spring Break getaway provides dinners, massages, and movie tickets. The March Madness package offers flowers, dinners, and movie passes. The New Romantic Getaway Package adds roses, chocolates, dinners, and massages. Any of these packages can be added to your lodging request for a quality agenda that leaves all of the legwork to us and all of the relaxing to you.

Call today, or book online. Your Spring Break in Michigan is waiting at the Munro House in Jonesville.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


List of Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

Occasionally, Valentine's Day falls on a weekend. February 14 is on a Saturday this year, making Saturday February 14 the most desirable day in 2015 for a romantic getaway. Predictions are that roses will be in even higher demand, chocolates will be a traditional gift, rooms with a 2 person Jacuzzi tub will be in short supply, and virtually every restaurant will be packed, So... what should the list of desirable romantic Valentine's Day items contain?

Flowers -  Roses
Chocolates - Truffles
Poetry - From Your Heart
Dinner - Fine Dining
Attention - Privacy
Movie - Theater
Massage - Spa
Getaway - Bed and Breakfast

Whether Valentine's Day falls on a weekend or a
weekday, our busy schedules do not always let us celebrate on the actual event day--that could be a good thing. On other nights in February, the lines may not be as long and the pressure for a relaxing, hassle-free, perfect night out may be exponentially reduced. Make the romantic getaway on the night of your choice, but think about the crowds on Valentine's Day and consider an alternate night to surprise your lover before the actual holiday, or after the fact.

The Munro House in Jonesville can make all of the arrangements for a great romantic getaway in a single phone call. Pick your dates, choose your room, then have your package tailor-made. Flowers, chocolates, dinner, movie tickets, and massages (or any combination of these items) can be arranged in a short conversation. We can help with the poetry, but a simple personal poem to your lover is priceless. Then arrive to a pre-arranged agenda for a getaway filled with romance.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


Next Murder Mysteries in Michigan

We have hosted over 100 murder mystery dinners at the Munro House in Jonesville. What distinguishes us is that any couple can join the party. We set the date and you join the event. Other B&Bs do it, but for most of them, you have to bring the entire group. Not everybody can coordinate their plans with 3, 4, or 5 other couples to become a murder mystery dinner party, so we have taken the pressure off and allowed any couple to join us for a night of interactive adult fun for a pre-scheduled event.

Tuesday, December 30, is the prelude to our New Year's Eve cooking party. A murder mystery dinner is scheduled. There may still be space available for this event during the week that many folks do not have to work because of the holiday. A 2 day package is scheduled where we gather for the murder mystery dinner on Tuesday, regroup for breakfast on Wednesday, then start cooking a New Year's Eve feast for all to enjoy. Later, we will watch the ball drop in Times Square on the big screen TV with a champagne toast at midnight. Another big breakfast on New Year's Day before we send you home, or stay an additional night in a standard room for just $99.

Saturday, January 17, is the first scheduled murder mystery of 2015--stay tuned for more scheduled murder mysteries. With the holidays behind, this is a great opportunity to eliminate cabin fever by going out to have some good indoor winter-time fun. Many people have hectic schedules between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day--shopping, get togethers, parties, and celebrations. Once the New Year starts, it's time to relax a bit before choosing a weekend getaway. Mid-January is a prime time to get out and meet other like-minded people for an evening of adult-themed who-done-it.

Join us. We'll feed you good and show you a good time.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


December Getaway Promo Code

It's not always easy to get away before Christmas, but if you can, we'll make it worth your while to come to Jonesville. Just stay 2 nights in a room priced at $139 and up and we will give you a gift card for dinner at th
e best restaurant in Hillsdale County--Olivia's Chop House in Jonesville. You have to give us 3 days notice and you have to tell us the secret word is DECEMBER. For those of you who prefer to book online, type in promo code DECEMBER.

Olivia's Chop House is a destination in itself. Great food at a reasonable price in an upscale atmosphere. They have the kind of menu that would be welcome in almost any neighborhood--steaks, seafood, pasta, pork, and poultry. They do it all very well. BLT soup is always on the menu, but other nightly creations are special in their unique blend. Bread is served with every meal, but the butter will make it special, Maybe you will get honey butter, or walnut butter, or jalapeno butter. They have a rotating variety that keeps it interesting. I think they have the best calamari on the planet. My decision is based on the fact that it is tender, not chewy. I also think I know the secret ingredient--Vernor's! There are so many good choices of entrees, that it can be a difficult decision. Prime rib, roast duck, stuffed salmon, or chipotle chicken, just to name a few. Creme broule for dessert is always a good choice, but a flaming dessert prepared tableside could be the ultimate special occasion final course.

So why would anyone come to Jonesville? The Munro House is a great headquarters for bed and breakfast. There is hardly any traffic. You could go to the antique capital of Michigan in Allen just 5 minutes down highway 12. You could reserve massage time from one of our therapeutic masseuses. You could just spend time in your room getting caught up on popular TV programming. You could just hang out with the one you love and do a whole lot of nothing but relax. Olivia's Chop House is the highlight of your eating experience. You will definitely find some recommendations for additional restaurants to check out for your other meals.

Jonesville is a great location for your winter getaway. Within 100 miles of Lansing, Detroit, Toledo, and Fort Wayne in the middle of South Central Michigan. Use the code and let the Munro House help to make your December getaway a little more affordable and a lot more relaxing.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


Bedrooms With Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

Guest bedrooms at Munro House B&B in Jonesvillle MI have been upgraded to include new Dimplex Electric Fireplaces. Previous gas fireplaces were dirty, inefficient, and useless in the summer. The new electric fireplaces have a nice glow and the availability of a no heat setting. The ambiance is great. The light from the fireplace can be adjusted to the appropriate glow. The heat thermostat can keep the room at a constant temperature. The light from the fireplace can be enjoyed without heat all year long. We hope that guests enjoy the new fireplaces as much as we do.

The chimney sweep was called to address issues we were having with 4 of our 12 fireplaces. There was a buildup of soot inside our bedrooms and bird nests in the chimneys had brought debris into the fireplaces. The soot was the main concern as one room needed to be cleaned and painted twice in one season. After the bird nest was cleared, we thought that the problems might not be related because the soot issue persisted. It was then that the chimney sweep informed us that we had several problems. The main problem was that the gas was no longer properly ventilating. Another problem was that the new energy efficient windows did not allow the house to breathe properly. This previously drafty house allowed for the proper draft up the chimney. Who knew that installing double paned windows would affect the way a fireplace vents? It was still possible to safely continue to use the fireplaces, but at an extreme cost that involved reconstructing the chimneys and flues.

An alternative to burning wood or gas had to be found. Research was done by visiting other B&Bs that had to address similar problems and doing an internet search to find a suitable solution. Safety was a big concern, but the ability to utilize the fireplace during the summer months was a big desire. There are some very nice enclosed fireplace inserts on the market. Most of them are free standing and can be moved anywhere. However, we have built-in fireplaces with odd sized mantels and hearths, so we needed something that would fit inside our available spaces. Through personal recommendations and online reviews, we decided on the Dimplex 28 inch premium fireplace log set. I ordered one as a test. I wanted to make sure it would function as I hoped it would. It was pretty easy to assemble and install. I had it running in less than an hour. My heating and plumbing guy removed the gas pipes and capped them off. My electrician installed an electrical outlet in an inconspicuous location. I put a metal screen in front of the hearth that actually enhanced the look of the unit. Upon completion, I was satisfied with the look of the fake flame and the feel of the supplemental heat.

No longer would I have to worry about dangerous CO2 gas in the bedrooms, soot on the ceilings, or a concern about fire. I purchased 3 more of these units for my other bedrooms and had them installed in an afternoon. Each has a digital remote control with an exceptional LCD readout that controls the flame, the embers, and the heat. A numeric thermostat controls the heat as needed. The fireplace can be used all year long because of the ability to turn off the heat function. It does not provide a mesmerizing flame that you could stare at for hours, but it does create a very nice ambient glow that can quickly set the mood for romance. I love my new fireplaces and hope that my guests do, too.

Mike Venturini-Innkeeper
Munro House B&B
Jonesville, MI


Thanksgiving Promo Code for Michigan Bed and Breakfast

Thanksgiving is a day to gather with family and friends to give thanks and spend time with the people you love most. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving that signifies the first big day of shopping for Christmas gifts. That is when retailers have sales so big that shoppers camp out or get up early to take advantage of annual super special sales. After a day of eating and a day of shopping, there could be one more thing to do before holiday get-togethers take up a lot of your time. That is the weekend that the Munro House has a special getaway offer. Stay the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving to get a gift card worth dinner for two at two of my favorite restaurants at no additional charge.

Saucy Dog's is just two blocks away and happens to be my favorite restaurant in the whole world. There, they serve barbeque. The menu consists of ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, hot dogs, and sandwiches, but I go there for the brisket. My go-to item on the menu is their beef brisket wrap. It consists of tender smoked beef with veggies in a soft tortilla that is as big as your face. The meat is smoked for 14 hours and has great flavor. I have eaten every item on the menu, and I can honestly say that there are so many good choices that it can be hard to decide.

Olivia's Chop House is more of a fine dining experience. They have steaks and seafood along with pasta, pork, and poultry. They serve a bacon, lettuce, and tomato soup that is wonderful. Their calamari is the best on the planet (in my opinion). Many of our guests rave about the salmon and roast duck, but I go there for the prime rib. It is smoked and has never touched a grill. It comes out so tender that I have been tempted to eat it with a spoon. For dessert, crème brulée is outstanding, but if it's a special occasion, you could order a flaming dessert that they will prepare table-side, just for you. This is the kind of restaurant that is expected in a big city, however it is just two blocks away in downtown Jonesville.

A two night reservation at the Munro House on Friday and Saturday, November 28 and 29, can earn
you two free dinners at two great restaurants just two blocks away in downtown Jonesville. Just mention the "GOBBLER" special when you call in your reservation, or enter promo code GOBBLER when you book online. 3 days notice required.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


Healing Field Veterans Memorial in Hillsdale Michigan

The Exchange Club of Hillsdale County has erected a "Healing Field" Memorial for veterans on the grounds of the Hillsdale County Courthouse. The project was spearheaded by club member and Vietnam War veteran, Jeff Francis. It was his objective to find a way to honor local veterans who died while serving in any branch of the U.S. Military. This project has been in the works for over a year.

First, an idea had to turn into a project. Many veterans groups and service organizations have erected permanent and temporary displays honoring veterans around the country. The Hillsdale County group had to decide on an appropriate way to honor veterans. The Exchange Club decided to honor local veterans who died while serving this country by creating a white cross with the fallen soldier's name on the crossbar, and the service era on the upright.

Next, a list of local veterans who died while serving in the military had to be compiled. Research had to be done using the internet, cemetery records, local newspapers, military families, and friends to discover the names of fallen soldiers from World War I to the present. They did their best to find this list of names, but they are always interested in finding additional veterans that may have been missed. The only criteria is that the soldier must have been a resident of Hillsdale County when he/she died while on active duty in any branch of the U.S. Military.

Then, the list of names had to be engraved on individual crosses. A contingent of club members got together to cut and paint the wooden crosses. Another member with C&C equipment was enlisted to engrave the names before they were painted again. The crosses were then organized by era in alphabetical order where they were double-checked for accuracy.

Afterwords, a storage place had to be located. The goal was to complete the project by Memorial Day. Although it was close to completion, the inaugural display had to be delayed until Veterans Day. That gave the group additional time to triple-check the obtained information and make arrangements for the erection of the mobile temporary display.

Finally, permission had to be obtained to display the memorial. The Hillsdale County Courthouse grounds were chosen as this is the site for the annual Veterans Day Tribute. The appropriate permissions and approvals were obtained and the crosses will be on display for about 10 days. The goal is to move the display around the county to appropriate locations at specific times throughout the year. Veterans Day and Memorial Day are the most obvious choices.
Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"


Free Rooms for Veterans to Celebrate Veteran's Day

Once again, the Munro House Bed and Breakfast in Jonesville Michigan is giving rooms to veterans at no charge as a thank you for their service. Veteran's Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, November 11 at 11:00 AM in the Jonesville Middle School Gym. To honor our vets and get them to town to observe (and take part) in this local American Legion tradition, we are offering free rooms to our Facebook friends for Monday, November 10. We will make you a big breakfast on Tuesday morning and encourage you to enjoy the program as you leave town.

The program has been very well attended as the high school and middle school, along with local citizens, are invited to attend. Hundreds of people fill the gym as the American Legion brings in guest speakers. A local student is chosen as the winner of the patriot essay who then reads the speech to the audience. A veteran from a war era is also invited to speak on behalf of their military experience. The high school band plays as the flag twirlers perform to patriotic tunes.

All veterans are invited to like and follow Munro House Bed and Breakfast's Facebook page. At random intervals, a free room is offered to the first caller via a posting on the Munro House Facebook Page until 6 rooms are given away. A $30 fee is charged to guarantee arrival and a $30 gift certificate towards dinner is given upon arrival. So, the night away costs our vets nothing. We are proud to have been participating in this promotion since 2010 to offer thanks to our veterans.

Mike Venturini
"Life is good in Jonesville"